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Local News Coverage

A selection of audio-based stories broadcast on the KPFA 94.1 radio station, and written work published in the Martha's Vineyard Times. With KPFA, I produced stories on socio-political developments taking place in metro NYC and the Bay Area. I collected sound bites from the web and the field, conducted research and interviews if necessary, and narrated my stories alongside Pacifica Evening News hosts. With the Martha's Vineyard Times, I sit in on town hall meetings and interview community members to flesh out stories concerning the year-round population. 


March for Our Lives Rally in Brooklyn

A report on the March for Our Lives Rally taking place in early June. Starting in downtown Brooklyn, demonstrators march across the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan. Features interviews with a family friend of a Sandy Hook victim, a gun owner who created the memorial on the left, and counter-protesters.

Pride March NYC


A report on the 53rd Annual Pride March in New York City, with its origins in the 1969 Stonewall demonstrations. The parade draws hundreds of thousands from around the world. I interview spectators about contemporary politics in America, and the significance of Pride for them personally.

Lone Star Tick Disease


A report on the rise of alpha gal syndrome, or incurable "red meat allergy," on Martha's Vineyard in the past decade. In the last year, there were 30 known cases of the tick-borne illness, and the Island's lone star tick population is growing fast. Published in the Martha's Vineyard Times. View: PDF or online publication


Groundwater Contamination Lawsuit

A report on West Tisbury's response to MassDEP findings of "imminently hazardous" levels of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in local well water. The fire department's accidental usage of toxic firefighting foam named the root cause; dozens of other towns nationwide involved in a multi-district litigation. View: PDF or online publication  (part two here)

Roe v. Wade Protests
in NYC

A ~10-minute documentary short filmed on June 24th, the day SCOTUS overturned Roe v. Wade. Captures the intense emotion of both pro-choice and (a few) pro-life activists that have gathered in downtown New York City. Filmed observational-style, without interviews or narration.

contested wicks 2223.jpeg

Controversial Pregnancy Criminalization Laws

An April report on a hotly contested piece of California legislation regarding cases of perinatal deaths due to pregnancy-related issues. Proponents of AB 2223 want to shield innocent women from prosecution, but opponents think the bill is extremely dangerous and immoral.

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