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Sports Journalism

A selection of articles, photos, and videos that showcase my experience as a sports journalist. At the Martha's Vineyard Times, I'm responsible for covering local youth sports; writing features and weekly wrap-ups for Islanders to follow. In my spare time, I combine my investigative nature, video editing skills, and passion for sports to create videos that break down the NBA's most interesting phenomena. I shoot with a Nikon D3500, and edit material using the Adobe Creative Suite.


NBA: Stories Thru Stats - Rome Wasn't Built in a Day

The fourth installment of a series created I've created throughout the last several months. Using advanced statistics and other data, I break down the anatomy of an NBA Championship team. What separates winners from losers, and how are dynasties created?


A collection of photos taken by me, capturing varsity athletes at Martha's Vineyard Regional High School, and collegiate baseball players on the MV Sharks. Photos are published in the Martha's Vineyard Times, alongside written material. Entire gallery can be viewed here.



As sports writer at the Martha's Vineyard Times, my primary responsibilities are to: a) compose features on noteworthy sports-related affairs within the community, and b) write weekly wrap-ups of in-season varsity sports. The wrap-ups include game summaries, information on key individual performances, and comments from coaches. Portfolio can be viewed here.

NBA: Stories Thru Stats - LeBron

The fifth installment of a series created by me in the last several months. Now that LeBron James has clinched the all-time scoring record, does the G.O.A.T. debate swing convincingly in his favor? Using advanced statistics and other historical data, I shine a new light on what it means to be the Greatest.

Ypsilanti, MI High School Rivalry Game

An observational documentary short filmed and edited by me and two classmates, taking place in January 2020. Basketball game features phenom Emoni Bates, now playing for Eastern Michigan University.

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