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About Me

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I'm a recent graduate of the University of Michigan pursuing a career in journalism, with special interests in digital media, American politics, and advanced sports statistics. I love to investigate the underlying patterns and untold narratives behind the most complex socio-political issues and fascinating underdog stories. 

At the University of Michigan, I majored in International Studies and minored in Cultural Anthropology. My coursework, coupled with my international experiences in Spain, Peru, and Ecuador, provided me with opportunities to conduct boots-on-the-ground ethnographic research and gain intimate perspectives on race, globalization, and political/economic development.

Since graduating, positions with The Martha's Vineyard Times and Pacifica Radio have allowed me to fine-tune my skills in the art of storytelling across a variety of media. In my spare time, I enjoy creating observational-style documentary shorts and stat-driven commentaries on contemporary politics and sports. I also love playing chess and ultimate frisbee.

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